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Spitbraai only
Whole Lamb or Whole Porker Spitbraai

Spit-roasted potatoes & glazed onions
 On-site Spitbraai:  Braai, Cut & Go
Bachelor Spitbraai with 1 salad
Whole Lamb Spitbraai
Tzatziki, Mint jelly, Condiments
Portuguese bread rolls

On-site Spitbraai:  Served
Spitbraai-buffet served with menu
Service and the use of our serving equipment, crockery, cutlery & linen are included.
Whole Lamb Spitbraai
Rich brown gravy, Mint jelly & condiments
Garlic bread, Flat bread, Bread rolls & butter portions
Spit-roasted baby potatoes & glazed onions
Option 1
Two salads & dressings
Option 2
Seasonal mixed vegetables
Dessert with custard, ice cream, custard, cream
Pita Spitbraai
Whole lamb / Leg of lamb Spit-roast
Roast vegetable kebabs
Pita bread
Tzaziki, Tomato salsa, Avo, Hummus
Greek salad & salad dressings
Prego Spitbraai roll & salad 
Ideal for 21st Birthdays and Bachelors
Whole lamb or Deboned Leg of Lamb Spit-roast
Portuguese bread rolls
Lettuce, onion & tomato
Mustard, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mint
Potato salad
South African BBQ
Chicken kebabs
Lamb / Pork chop
Traditional boerewors
Pap & sheba
Beer potbread & bread rolls
Two salads & salad dressings
Festive Spitbraai menu
Whole Lamb Spitbraai
Rolled & Filled Lamb OR
Sticky BBQ Chicken pieces / chicken kebabs
Rich brown gravy, Mint jelly
Garlic bread, rolls & butter
 Three salads & salad dressings

Menus available on request:

Lamb and Pork spitbraai with menu
Option A
Whole lamb
(400g meat on the bone per person)
Pork loin with Crackling
(150g boneless meat per person)
Option B
Whole lamb and Whole porker
Open coal Fish braai menu
Butterflied Yellowtail
Basted with Lemon & herb sauce
Kingklip and prawn kebabs
BBQ chicken
Béarnaise sauce
Salads, Condiments and Bread


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