Catering Terms & Conditions


1.         We will be the only caterer on site to prepare and serve food at your function.

            Only chips & dips and desserts not served can be supplied by the host / hostess.
2.         Our equipment is heavy and bulky.  Please inform us beforehand of difficult terrain, and multiple steps.
3.         Equipment supplied and/or required:
            * Food tables to serve the meal are required.
            * White tablecloths and coloured overlays are supplied for the food table.
            * Crockery, cutlery and 2-ply serviettes are supplied.  
            * Tables, chairs, extra linen and glasses will be outsourced to a reliable supplier. 
* No candles without a solid base to prevent wax from spilling will be allowed. 
  Wax spills will lead to replaceable linen damages.  Smoking at tables is not allowed.
* Plates are collected at a central cleaning point where guests can carry them to after their meal.
4.         The menu is served buffet style, and will be available for 1 hour. 
With tables and seated guests, waiter service will be quoted, ratio of 1:40 guests.
All staff, waiters and barmen remain under instruction of the caterer, and leave function site with caterer.   
            On request waiters can stay longer.  The following charges are payable on-site.
R200 transport fee.  R100 p/hour for each waiter / R140 p/ hour for each barman.
5.         Leftover meat & menu will be given to the host/hostess.  High-risk perishable foods will not be left behind.
6.         In the event of losses, breakages, or damage to equipment during the function by guests, you will be charged at full current replacement value.
7.         Unplanned and extra hours worked:  charged at R100.00 x staff compliment per hour, or part thereof, and immediately payable. 
Causes may be due to -
            * Any delay preventing us to set up on-site, start the Spitbraai, or lay tables
            * A delayed course of the meal                                     
            * Later meal time than pre-arranged  
Dinner served after 20h00 must be pre-arranged.
8.         Bookings, deposit and payment, and cancellation
*To book and confirm your date, an e-mail notification is compulsory. 
* Proceed with a 50% deposit when invoiced.
* Full amount is to be settled 4 working days before function date.  
* The function will be considered cancelled, and deposit forfeited, if payment is not received by this date.
* Function bookings within 4 days of the function date will be invoiced with an additional 20% charge.
* Meetings or site visits requested will be invoiced.
* Quotation will remain subject to unforeseen meat price changes until final payment.
            * If the function is cancelled, or moved to another date, and the caterer cannot secure
              a replacement function booking, the deposit will be forfeited.
* An admin fee of R850.00 plus banking costs will incur for all cancellation refunds.
* Extra guests arriving to be served on the function date will be charged for as quoted price per head.
9.         We only accept EFT payment.  All payments must clear 4 days before function.
            Banking cash deposits must be pre-arranged, banking fees will be charged.

            EFT payments must be cleared within 4 days of the function.

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